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Mission Statement

CARLSBAD HOLISTIC THERAPIES is devoted to improving clients’ quality of life by providing the safest and most effective care, using only the highest quality organic products.

Carlsbad Holistic Therapies is located in the beautiful village of Carlsbad, CA.

Meet Marion Mahoney

Marion with her best friend FRITZ

A Holistic Health Practitioner, Carlsbad Holistic Therapies owner Marion Mahoney, has decades of experience in holistic therapies. She is a certified Nutritional Counselor providing a wide variety of complementary education, including counseling on lifestyle and diet, whole food and herbal supplements as well as addressing and reversing nutritional deficiencies.

Marion takes the time to get to know you as a whole person, as well as your specific symptoms, in order to determine the underlying cause(s) of your health problems. Her goal is to provide a safe, supportive, individualized treatment plan designed to restore health and develop peak performance.


Emphasizing the role of education in prevention, Marion focuses on empowerment, teaching each client how to take control of their particular condition given an overall understanding of their own body and its maintenance requirements for optimum wellness. Her customized care incorporates lifestyle and diet counseling, symptom survey, biomeridian testing, whole food supplements and herbs, functional foods, and body/energy work.

Marion earned her certifications through the Body Mind College in San Diego and the International Foundation for Nutrition & Health (IFNH). She is an active member of the IFNH, Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals, and regularly attends continuing education courses on clinical whole food supplementation and protocols.

A Testimonial:

I would like to express my gratitude to Marion for all the help she provided. In 2007
I found myself off balance and struggling to find my strength back after a serious surgery.

That is when a friend recommended that I at least speak with Marion.

After a meaningful conversation with Marion, I immediately scheduled a few massage sessions on a regular bases and started to feel somewhat of a change within my body. Not knowing exactly what this was about and being skeptical to begin with, I was not sure what was going to come next. Then Marion counseled me on my lifestyle and diet, with the symptom survey form she knew my deficiencies and recommended a supplemental food program that changed everything. Following her directions and recommendations, in a couple of weeks my biological rhythm came back on track and my overall energy level surpassed my expectation…. I was on my way to real recovery.

These days I still continue to go to Marion for weekly massages and the occasional overall testing. I could not do without it.

Thank you

Dominique Gagnon
President and CEO
C&D Productions

Call Marion for a free consultation at 760.802.6827.


800 Grand Ave. Suite A16
Carlsbad, CA 92008

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