Welcome to Carlsbad Holistic Therapies…

…a calming and committed place for establishing and maintaining healthy balance and stability.

Mission Statement

At CARLSBAD HOLISTIC THERAPIES, we are devoted to improving our clients’¬†quality of life by providing the safest and most effective care, using only the highest quality organic products in our endeavor.

Carlsbad Holistic Therapies is located in the beautiful village of Carlsbad, CA.

We use a broad spectrum of holistic modalities such as Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue Bodywork, Circulatory Massage, Reflexology and Nutritional counseling.

Carlsbad Holistic Therapies owner Marion Mahoney, has decades of experience in holistic therapies. She is a certified yoga therapist as well. Marion is a certified Nutritional Counselor providing a wide variety of complementary education, including counseling on lifestyle and diet, whole food and herbal supplements as well as addressing and reversing nutritional deficiencies.

Call Marion for a free consultation at 760.802.6827.


800 Grand Ave. Suite A16
Carlsbad, CA 92008

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